Best of 225

Best of 225 Award winners (from left) Criss Esquivel, general manager of Superior Grill; WAFB news’s Diane Deaton; Renee Chatelain, executive director of the Shaw Center for the Arts; Taco de Paco founder Jared Loftus; and Gary Black, who manages property for Mike Wampold when he’s not ordering tacos as Drew Brees.


Best food truck

Taco de Paco

The most popular of the new kids on—well, any block where they show up—more than doubles its nearest competitor’s score, grabbing 16.3% of the vote and the hearts of local taco lovers. Seared tuna on a taco? You heard that right.

2) Go-Ya-Ya’s ……. 6.3%

3) Curbside Burgers ……. 6.1%