Live Art Battles back at The Office

By Samantha Morgan – News Desk Manager

The white walls and red ropes that once confined fine art to a gallery space is becoming a thing of the past. Although local artists have always found non-traditional venues to display their work, the trend of bringing their process out of the work room as a sort of exhibition has become a growing fad.

The live art movement in Baton Rouge is expanding at a rapid pace. If you haven’t had a chance to witness it yet, you’ll get to do just that this Friday, Aug. 26 at The Office, located on Third Street.

“I think it’s just important for Baton Rouge to have something more vibrant to do in downtown,” Danny Breaux, founder of Wildflower Presents, explained. “It’s just so different to watch the whole creative process go on right in front of you.”

The event on Friday will be the second time Breaux has brought live painting to the Office. The first endeavor was held not too long ago.

“We did one after the Art Melt,” he said. “From what I saw, people loved it!”

The idea was first introduced to Breaux through Jared Loftus, a local art enthusiast responsible for the popular monthly art event “Stabbed in the Art.”

“I was looking for more interesting things to do,” Breaux recalled. “He sent me an email and suggested doing the live art and asked what I thought about it. I got really excited.”

Dubbed as an “art battle,” the artists work on a painting from beginning to end, all while dancing along with a crowd of people who bid to own the piece by the end of the night. One painting sold for as much as $700 – a price that would be hard to match even at the most reputable gallery space.

“We put the artists in front of a lot of people and so it’s not only giving them something to do, but it gets them out there in the public,” Breaux declared. “Most of the artists do it over and over again because they like the energy.”

That energy is spawned from DJ’s who provide the mix of music. They serve a purpose just as essential as the artists.

“It’s a dance night,” Breaux emphatically said. “It’s a party.”

The night will also serve as a CD release for DJ Triz-A.