Open Letter to My Neighbors

An Open Letter to my Neighbors:

With the CATS ballot initiative behind us, it is time for citizens of Baton Rouge to work together to move our city forward.  No matter your adamant stance or unabashed apathy on the controversial millage proposal, we can all agree that Baton Rouge desperately needs a renewed sense of civic engagement, a revitalized hope in our City’s future, and a united voice from the community.

Born and raised in south Mississippi, I merely knew Baton Rouge as a city that housed the infamous LSU Tigers and served as the State’s Capital.  After starting my first business at the North Gates of LSU in 2004, though, Baton Rouge became my home.  Once I settled in to my new surroundings, I quickly realized what many of you already knew – Baton Rouge is a great City with endless potential and promise.

I immersed myself in the community and eventually joined the CATS Board – not for personal gain, but to be a problem solver, a critical eye, and a voice for the people.  While managing the City’s transportation system is a job without fanfare and perks, it demands decision making on behalf of the people, not personal agendas or narrow-minded perceptions.

I was recently named President of the CATS Board, and look forward to serving our community.  Communication, transparency, and citizen engagement are paramount to the success of not only our transportation system, but also our city’s future.

I encourage my friends, neighbors, and even my adversaries to work with the CATS Board this year as we plan for the expansion of our city’s transit system.  We have the opportunity to lay the ground work for a system that can potentially play a vital part in many more people’s daily lives. The two biggest things I will push for this year: accountability to the taxpayers of Baton Rouge to provide a great transportation system, and the implementation of new technologies to make our new system easily accessible.

I would also like to make sure that the recent conversation around transportation in Baton Rouge doesn’t end. Be a part of the discussion on Facebook or Twitter, attend our monthly Board meetings, or join me for a cup of coffee and a bus ride.  Your insight and input will go a long way in developing a system that will be a catalyst for much-needed change in Baton Rouge.

I look forward to working with you soon to make Baton Rouge a city that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home!


Jared Loftus
President of the Board, CATS