Getting to Work

I just received this letter from a business owner. It highlights so many of the things we’ve been working towards at CATS – not only understanding from the general public as to the impact of public transportation, but also to provide quality service that is an effective means of transportation for those trying to get to work.


I just interviewed a potential student intern for this upcoming semester, and she opened up the interview by telling me that she will be taking the bus for her internship. I didn’t ask her specifics because I could tell she was somewhat embarrassed to tell me that. (Which is unfortunate that someone would be embarrassed to take the bus, but as we know taking the bus has somehow become a status thing in our city.)

Later in the interview she had mentioned that my office location was a lot easier to get to on the bus route. She interviewed at another company the other day, but ended up being an hour late to the interview because it took her two hours to get there. She walked in to the receptionist, completely embarrassed, basically apologized and left – knowing that the job would never work because of its location.

It was an interesting experience because it was the first time I saw first-hand how the bus service (or lack thereof) dictated where this girl was going to be able to have her professional internship this upcoming semester. And ultimately public transportation was going to drive (even in a small way) her career choices.

And we’re not talking about a minimum wage worker here…this is a smart girl that will have a college degree one year from now.

I just wanted to share that.