My entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed when I sold my first beaded necklaces in the 5th grade (and later got sent to the principal’s office for it). From there, I sold shirts out of a backpack in college to fund my campaign for student body president. That turned in to a retail store outside the gates of LSU, and from there, my entrepreneurial spirit was unleashed.

I have co-founded a social media consulting business, two food trucks and a co-working space. After selling my retail store in 2010 to focus on the e-commerce side of Tiger District/College District, Forbes called me College Football’s Biggest Entrepreneur.

Currently, I’m trying to impact as many high school students’ lives as possible by helping them raise their ACT scores as Chief Operating Officer of the country’s fastest growing ACT prep company, MasteryPrep.

I have experience swimming with sharks (raising money), developing iPhone apps, and uncovering fraud in government spending. I do it all by maintaining a strict low-information diet paired with intention-based information consumption.

For my next trick, I’ll either open a school teaching people how to park or start peddling my homemade kombucha.

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